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What exactly is a "Cheese-A-Thon?"
You mean you don't know?

It began as a college gag, and has grown to become the ultimate celebration of all things cheese. It is the Cheese-A-Thon. The Cheese-A-Thon, for those who are unaware, is the gathering of friends & family to spend a night eating cheese and watching cheesy movies. Every year we have classic cheeses as well as debut cheeses, while watching the cheesiest movies in existance.

We tend to unleash the cheese after the first film. Crackers are highly encouraged. TangTM, known to many as "The Spaceman's Drink," is the official beverage of the Cheese-A-Thon, however other non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed without fear of ridicule from veteran Cheese-A-Thon-ers.

Admission to this event is usually $5, as cheese and movies can be quite expensive when large quantities are purchased. Also feel free to bring and donate some of your favorite cheeses and crackers.

Please note: Limburger is strictly forbidden and in fact has been banned from all future Cheese-A-Thons since the Second Semi-Annual Cheese-A-Thon held in May of 1996. Utterance of the word "Limburger" while in attendance at a Cheese-A-Thon is strongly frowned upon, and punishment may be to sit through a viewing of "Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie." (Trust us, it's not worth it)