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The Cheese-A-Thon FAQ
Cheese-A-Thon? You must be kidding, right?
No way, Jose! We're as serious as lactose intolerance!

We get this question from nearly every check-out clerk we encounter on our shopping trips, but no one loves cheese more than we do. And there's no better way to celebrate all things cheese than with film, fromage & friends!
How do you pick which movies you watch?
In the decade since the initial Cheese-A-Thon, we have developed an exhaustive selection/preview process to ensure that attendees are not forced to bear unwatchable cheese (or is that watch unbearable cheese?). This is usually done a week or five before the actual event. We typically will brainstorm possible movies for the full year (or more) preceeding the Cheese-A-Thon and we'll narrow down the list during this preview. Only the Cheese-A-Thon organizers preview the movies, so not to spoil the fun of the main event for the rest of the attendees.
You should watch [insert cheesy movie title here]!
Thanks for the suggestion, but chances are we've already watched and/or previewed it. Trust us - we've seen a lot of cheese. Besides, we already have a hard enough time narrowing it down to 5-6 movies per showing. Adding more to the mix just makes it more difficult!
What's the deal with the themes?
For the 10th Somewhat-Annual Cheese-A-Thon, we sought something to set it apart from the Cheese-A-Thons before it. We also were looking for a way to limit our search for cheesy movies, because we were having a hard time narrowing down our movie list to the typical 5-6 movies per event. Thus a new Cheese-A-Thon tradition was born - themes! The selection of the theme is on a per-event rotation among the Cheese-A-Thon founders.
Why are alcoholic beverages frowned upon?
The founders of the Cheese-A-Thon feel that altering your mind in any way, shape, or form during the Cheese-A-Thon is, in essence, cheating. It's no fair to the other non-imbibed Cheese-A-Thoners that have to witness these films un-altered.

Besides, why would anyone want to drink something other than Tang with cheese? The thought boggles the mind.
Somewhat-Annual? What the $#@%?!
Initially the Cheese-A-Thon was held twice a year, in the winter and spring. Then, as lives became busier and cheese became increasingly scarce, the Cheese-A-Thon became an annual event. We have repeatedly made attempts to return to semi-annual status ever since.

To most accurately label our schedule, the event has henceforth been deemed "Somewhat-Annual."
You've watched "Troll 2" four times! What gives?
It's simply the greatest movie ever created. If you've ever seen it, you'd understand. To be honest, if we could watch "Troll 2" back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back and still call it a Cheese-A-Thon, we would. Want some, Joshua?
What's a "Mike's Creature?"
"Mike's Creatures" was the theme for the 11th Somewhat-Annual Cheese-A-Thon. As stated in that year's program, any midget-sized critters qualify, but we were particularly drawn to low-budget E.T. rip-offs with burlap bodies and/or crude animatronic features. In the end, any little bugger that captures Mike's affection fits the bill.
Can I have a Cheese-A-Thon in my own city/town/imagination?
We've been asked this numerous times, and our response remains the same - while we can't stop you from renting these God-awful movies and buying tons of cheese on your own, we're not really in the market to sanction "franchised" Cheese-A-Thons. At the heart and soul of the Cheese-A-Thon is the coming together of friends and fellow cheese-lovers. Unfortunately, simultaneously watching bad movies while hundreds of miles apart just doesn't have the same feeling to it. Sorry!
When is the next Cheese-A-Thon? Can I come?
It's soon, and chances are that if you're a friend of cheese, then you're a friend of ours. Invitations are typically sent out via email a few weeks before the next Cheese-A-Thon.
How come only some of the past Cheese-A-Thon listings include programs and/or photos?
The Official Cheese-A-Thon program was not concieved until the 10th Somewhat-Annual Cheese-A-Thon, again created to celebrate the monumental occasion.

Photos have been taken sparingly over the years, as most people are too busy enjoying cheese to tear themselves away & take snapshots. Greater efforts have been made in recent years to give Cheese-A-Thon the proper documentation it deserves. Other photos of past events, however, do exist - we will post them whenever we get around to scanning them in.

Events with existing programs or photos will be noted by a full-color icon in its listing: